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Thinking of Home_Why NOW is the perfect time to act

During these difficult times IJD wishes all of our customers, past & present, and every other human being across our planet (not forgetting all of our fantastic frontline NHS, social & all key workers) a very speedy and safe recovery from this unprecedented pandemic.

It is at times like this that we appreciate the importance of ‘home’ and being with the family.

Undoubtedly, many of you are spending allot more time in your homes to keep yourselves safely isolated & socially distanced.

I would expect that having the time to sit and ponder, some of you may, especially if you were already thinking about it before the crisis, be considering refurbishing and extending your homes when the UK gets back normal. I too have been quarantined and it has certainly made me think more about aspects of my home that I wish to change.

Of course, the market place and the global economy raises concerns about house prices dipping and this tends to lead to a shrinkage of industry activity and less projects being instigated over the short term. ‘Raise the drawbridge & hunker down!’. However, to invest in a refurbishment, an extension or even a new build project, now, will pay you much higher dividends on an investment than any bank will do. We call this ‘added value’. Over the longer term, beyond a couple of years of stagnation, property & house prices always bounce back beyond previous values.

The extension & refurbishment/renovation market, through times of adversity & hardship can offer more & greater opportunities than spending out on additional fees & taxes with moving in to, or constructing a new, house. This is why I believe that if you do have the available funds to pursue a building project the time now is right for you to do so.

Understanding that projects, on average, can take around 12 months (will now be longer with limited public services) from initial appointment to breaking ground, now, whilst you are perhaps furloughed from work, is a perfect time to get all of the project planning stages completed so that you can be ready to start the building stage next year when things are back to normal.

At the moment, whilst you have the time & thinking space, it is a good time to consider & explore doing something with the home and living spaces. Whilst isolated with your families you will be observing where the main limiting issues that may exist, are, with either the size of living spaces, or, the layout and the related relationships between them, not forgetting the outside spaces (if you are fortunate enough to have them).

We offer a range of free resources which are downloadable as PDF’s from our website at These resources provide you with an understanding and a roadmap of the process of design and planning, and how we do it. It also gives you an understanding of the sort of costs involved, timescales and some of the other people we would need to employ on your behalf to get your project completed.

You will see the #6 resource buttons just below the main image of our website. It will look a little different on a mobile but scroll down and they shall appear. Just simply tap the buttons to get your free download.

Once you’ve had a chance to look through the resource information and when you’re ready to start exploring your options, let us give you the tried and tested guidance through your project stages.

We start with a feasibility call, to make sure we are the right fit for you and your project, and, following the call will carry out a ‘Needs & Options Review’ that explores the feasibility of different options for your home. This stage is not the planning stage or the building regulations stage, they come later.

The ‘Needs & Options Review’ stage is provided to highlight the constraints and opportunities that exist, diagnosing fully, prior to you investing larger amounts of your hard earned savings, making sure that when you do come to the construction phase you know why you are building what is being constructed and that you have not missed the ‘golden opportunity’. We also refer to this stage as the ‘Low Commitment Consultation’, The LCC.

We have, due to to the Covid19 situation, slightly altered the way in which we carry out the LCC. Under normal circumstances I would visit your home, discuss your aspirations and take some initial dimensions which enables a rough plan to be drawn. Instead, our initial meeting will be virtual across conferencing media, zoom, Skype or FaceTime. When you sign up for the LCC I will post to you a small measuring tape which you will use to give me some overall dimensions of your house. I will record and sketch these out for use in the report. It will be like using a large virtual etch-a-sketch. A fun activity for all of the family.

‘No prescription without diagnosis’

I believe that it is right to take an investigative approach from the outset of the project. With a completed LCC/Needs & Options Review report, you can be confident in moving forward with a preferred scheme, understand in full the ‘whys’ and know that you have not missed a golden opportunity which happens when the initial stages of any project are rushed.

This consultation, LCC/Needs & Options Review, additionally gives us a clear understanding of the scope of your project which means we can then give you a realistic fee cost proposal for the rest of the project based on what you want to do. Without the clarity of your intentions & wishes, early on in the project process, leads to costly mistakes for all parties. These mistakes are avoidable with the right approach to your project.

Don’t hesitate in booking a call with me to get your project started. You can book a time slot direct by following this link: or, go to the website, and hit the button ‘request a feasibility call’.

With wishes of safe passage through the corona virus period, I look forward to hearing from you.

Irvine Jones Design