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Nora's Cottage

Cheltenham, Gloucester, UK



Nora's cottage is located in the much sort after area of Charlton Kings in Cheltenham. The cottage, originally half the size of the new extended property seen today, is historic, built circa 19th century. Due to the context of the area and because we feel that all buildings built today should be reflective of the era they are built in, we felt it appropriate to contrast the historic cottage a extend it with much more modern and contemporary build addition.

This idea runs through the whole of the design also, providing a large open plan kitchen/dining/living space on the ground, in contrast to and the retention of the small cottage rooms from this. With high levels of insulation used, large window and door apertures and a South facing rear elevation, the property now benefits from solar gain, reducing the need to heat the space using supplied energy sources and reducing the need to using electrical lighting during the daylight hours.

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